Apple All But Confirm 3 New iPhone Releases

Amidst the customary hype around the ever-prominent iPhone release, Apple has all but confirmed its plans to release three new iPhones this September. Discovered by Consomac, Apple has made the decision to publicly file identifiers for all its new iPhones in the Eurasian database.

Concept designs of the upcoming Apple iPhone X

 iPhone X Concept – Concept Creator


The iPhone model identifies are A1920, A1921, A1984, A2097, A2098, A2099, A2101, A2103, A2104, A2105, and A2106.


The general consensus is that the above transmits to three clear number runs – A19, A20 and A21. Apple analysts suggest that this relates to a 6.1 inch budget iPhone X, a second generation iPhone X(s) and a giant 6.5 inch iPhone X Plus respectively. What’s more, in its filing, the database notes that all of the devices are running on iOS 12 – the next generation of iOS which isn’t set to launch until the iPhone release in September. The whole shebang seems awfully out of character from Apple, who normally keep its plans tightly under wraps, but historically the Eurasian database has never been wrong. Past filings have revealed the likes of the Apple watch, iPhone 7 and iPad all before the launch date.

Three iPhone X Concept Designs

Left to right: iPhone X (2nd gen), budget iPhone X, iPhone X Plus – Ben Geskin


Apple’s iPhone X was the biggest overhaul of the iPhone since it began; the bezel-less design, facial recognition tech, wireless charging and dual camera marked a huge upgrade in its tenth anniversary iPhone. Although the X was deemed a success, Apple will feel the performance could have been better, with figures not even coming close to some of the X’s predecessors. For many, it was the £1,000 price tag that deterred buyers, which is why it makes perfect sense for Apple to release a budget iPhone X this year.


We expect there will be plenty more updates, rumours and leaks to come in the next few months, stay in tune for more info.