Easter traditions – without the wind and rain


Easter traditions

Who doesn’t love Easter? Lambs, the Easter bunny, hot cross buns, those peculiar British traditions like egg rolling and bottle kicking, and chocolate … lots and lots of chocolate.


But Easter egg hunts aren’t much fun in the rain and you don’t want your Easter bonnet to fly off in a gale. So why not avoid the British weather and settle down indoors with a stack of creme eggs and do Easter on your mobile phone instead?



Find a white creme egg and win £10,000!


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The fabled white creme egg is a clever marketing ploy from Cadbury that has become a staple of Easter for chocolate lovers. Finding a white egg rather than a milk chocolate one can win you a prize of up to £10,000! But who wants to traipse round a busy supermarket when you can find a white egg online?


Cadbury have hidden creme eggs in ads, social media feeds and websites for all kinds of brands ranging from Kenco coffee to Benefit cosmetics. You just have to find one, take a photo, upload it and then digitally unwrap it to see if it’s white. If it is, you’ll be entered into the £10,000 prize draw – and they’ll even send you a real white egg in the post!  Enter here (until 21/04/19).



Aww, newborn lambs


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With their cute spindly legs and waggly tails, newborn lambs are a joy to watch and a sure sign that spring is here (let’s not mention roast dinners). And now you don’t even have to visit a farm to see them. From the comfort of your sofa you can watch ‘lambcams’ straight from the lambing sheds of farms all over the country. Tune in to St. Fagan’s National Museum of History in Wales or Marlfield Farm on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border for all the lambing action.



Easter egg envy


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If you think Easter doesn’t get any better than a bag of Mini Eggs, just wait till you see what the Queen tucks into. Her luxury egg from Prestat is huge! See how they make it in this video. Or if you can’t get enough gold Lindt bunnies, see how them being made in this slightly unsettling video narrated by the gold bunny himself.



Is there an Easter egg hiding in your phone?


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Google has been hiding so-called ‘Easter eggs’ in the Android system since 2010. There’s a different  picture or simple game on every version of Android but they aren’t easy to find. In general, you can access your Easter Egg by going to Settings, then System, then About Phone. Press rapidly on  Android Version; this might take a little while. Your secret image should now appear – though you may have to do more tapping.


Recent Android Easter eggs include a psychedelic letter P for Android 9.0 Pie, a spooky octopus for Android 8.0 Oreo and a cute cat game called Neko for Android 7.9 Nougat.


And iPhone users have hidden gems to find too. Try these with Siri:

  • Tell me a story (you’ll get the Siri origin story)
  • Siri has jokes – try knock, knock or why did the chicken cross the road
  • Divide 0 by 0
  • Read me a haiku
  • I am your father
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?



So there’s plenty to keep you occupied without leaving the comfort of your own home. But if you do decide to venture out for some Easter high jinks, be careful  your phone doesn’t get cracked along with the Easter eggs. Insure with Captain Cover before you go to avoid a very ‘eggspensive’ outing.