Samsung Galaxy S9: What to Expect

2017 truly raised the bar for smartphones, we saw the release of some breath-taking devices that defied all our wildest thoughts and expectations. Samsung dropped the Galaxy Note 8, a device powerful enough to be mistaken for a mini-computer. Google’s flagship phone, the Pixel 2 boasts an unlimited photo storage capacity and a battery life that would give an old Nokia 3310 a run for its money. And lest we not forget, Apple’s iPhone X, arguably the most advanced and most complete smartphone ever seen.


In less than a week the first big smartphone of 2018 will be launched, with Samsung expected to unveil its hotly anticipated Galaxy S9 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. The questions that are on everyone’s mind is, how will it differ from the Galaxy S8 and will it worry Apple’s iPhone X?
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Following the huge successes of the Galaxy S8, Samsung will be looking to replicate their accomplishments with yet another breakthrough product. Very little has been confirmed in respect to the specs, however a number of leaks have emerged that could give us some good insight in to what to expect. Here’s a quick summary of the upcoming devices:


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Android fans around the world will be bracing themselves for another pair of stunning phones from the S-series. Initial image leaks alone can tell us the new flagships will continue the elegant edge-to-edge, curved screen display.
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As far as aesthetics are concerned, it is believed that the S9 will be an upgrade to its predecessor rather than a total redesign so we aren’t expecting any major disparities. The only minor tweak from previous generations is a position change for the fingerprint scanner, which is now placed underneath the camera as opposed to beside it. Leaks have also emerged showing that the flagship will be available in a brand new colour option, Lilac Purple. This is alongside the usual availabilities of: midnight black, coral blue, titanium grey and possibly some special editions.



As expected, Samsung has been very reluctant to release info on their upcoming flagship but one area they’ve refused to shy away from is the S9’s camera. It’s been made no secret that the camera will be the focal point of the upgrade, with the tag line for the smartphone release reading: “The camera: Reimagined.”


Samsung has been promoting its dual camera and low-level lighting technology for a few months now, having published an article on ISOCELL camera sensors on their website. We expect this tech will feature with the S9+ alongside the dual camera lens. This combination will allow the camera to have “DSLR-like photo experiences such as greater light sensitivity, depth effects and sharper brightness in all conditions”, according to Samsung.  


“If a picture is worth a thousand words, the latest member of the Galaxy family has a lot to say.” – Samsung


Earlier this month, a set of sample images supposedly shot with the Galaxy S9 emerged online. The snapshots truly highlight the immense capabilities the lens can offer in detail and contrast.  


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The majority of sources suggest a 12Mp lens will feature for the rear camera and an 8Mp sensor on the front, similar specs to those of the Note 8. Vague rumours have surfaced tipping Samsung to follow suit with Apple by introducing 3D infrared face recognition technology. However, this feature remains to be seen, many expect this will appear in later models of Samsung’s flagships.  


A notable capability of the new flagship phone will be its ability to record 1080p videos at 480fps. To put this into perspective, that’s twice as slow as the iPhone X which shoots at 240fps. This feature should aid the rumoured 3D emoji interaction, similar to that of Apple’s Animoji on the iPhone X, in that it tracks facial movements of the user and mimics them.


Reports suggest the new device will include the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor in the US and China but will use its very own customer processor, the Exynos 9 series 9810 for the rest of the world. In terms of processing speed, the S9 is reportedly looking at 4GB of RAM with a storage capacity of 64GB, whereas the S9+ is expected to feature 6GB of RAM and a storage capacity of 128GB.  


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Stories have been circulating for many months now that Samsung could be set to introduce an industry first, dual screen, folding smartphone. But before you get too excited about this, it is widely believed this a work in progress and may not feature for another year at least. Nevertheless, Samsung has an exciting future to come.  




Another point of interest is Samsung’s very own AI assistant, Bixby. Largely one of the more unknown smart assistants among a group of some of highly distinguished names such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. Bixby has yet to reach the heights of some of its fellow smart assistants and it seems fitting that Samsung would improve this area following the growing trend of AI technology.


To summarise, it would appear that the S9 isn’t exactly going to be a revelation. For many, simply upgrading the camera and making minor tweaks to the spec won’t be enough to warrant an upgrade to an S9.   However, with all the rumours and leaks circulating it must be duly noted that some info may well have been kept secret. Samsung has a proven record of keeping surprises to itself. One of the most remarkable moments of any launch was the 2016 MWC event, with Mark Zuckerberg making a cameo appearance to catch the audience by surprise in Samsung’s VR tech presentation.   Although the latest generation of the S-series may seem relatively unchanged, we could well be in store for some exciting surprises. Keep your eyes peeled, 25th February could be a memorable one.

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