Samsung suddenly confirms some HUGE upgrades are in store for the Galaxy Note 9

Following some underwhelming profitability figures in a saturated smartphone market and an emerging trend that customers are beginning to delay upgrade cycles; Samsung are reportedly considering axing the Galaxy Note series. The unexpected news materialised following the accounts from popular Korean media outlet, The Bell. The report outlines how Samsung has apparently met problems with the distinction between the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S Plus model, with the flagships being deemed too similar to justify two separate models.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S9+CREDIT: SAMSUNG


The argument presented proposes the two models should be unified in to a single cost reduction. A spokesman for the electronics industry has suggested the future of the Galaxy Note range is riding on the response and sales performance of the upcoming Note 9. I.e. if the new flagship doesn’t blow away the market… then you can say goodbye.


So what does this mean for the Galaxy Note 9?


With the fate of the Note series depending on the response to the Note 9, Samsung has decided to pull out all the stops, having confirmed some genuine radical changes are imminent. The Korean tech giant has released a trio of teaser videos in anticipation of the release; and it’s clear they mean business. The videos highlight upon three, game-changing upgrades that are going to be introduced at the launch on August 9th 2018.



1. Phone too slow? A lot can change in a day – PERFORMANCE


Samsung’s first teaser video focuses on performance and capability of the Note 9. A reliable mobile reporter uncovered a leak last month detailing the Note 9’s storage would allegedly be an enormous 512GB and the device would also boast 8GB RAM. These preposterous specs could be mistaken for a computer they are so high; and judging from the below video, it seems a real possibility.


2. Never have enough storage? A lot can change in a day – STORAGE


In the second teaser, Samsung goes down the route of storage, an element that has often been criticised in their most recent releases, due the dependency on microSD expansion add-ons.


With an expected storage space of 512GB and a possible upgrade to 1TB with a microSD card, the Note 9 will undoubtedly be a market leader in handset capacity. A feat that many manufacturers will be aspiring to in the next few years.


3. Battery can’t keep up? A lot can change in a day – BATTERY


The final video is a touchy topic to say the least, but nonetheless a bold statement of intent exercised by Samsung. The advert promotes arguably the handsets largest selling point – the battery capacity. It is reported that that the Note 9 will boast a giant 4,000 mAh battery, making it the largest in Samsung handset history.


However, fans are urged not to get too excited as various accounts have surfaced stating the charging specifications have not been upgraded and remain one of slowest on the market. This begs the question, how long will the device take to charge? Only time will tell, but either way the end result will most likely be make or break for the Note Series.




Initial thoughts tilt towards probable success, however a large factor in the shortcomings of the Note 8 was the price. Logically, increases in spec means increases in price.


In a year where Apple are dropping prices and other manufacturers such as Google, LG and Huawei are bringing out hugely competitive devices; the Galaxy Note 9 requires somewhat a miracle to continue the legacy.